The Ultimate Guide to Installing SummitBoard for Maximum Thermal Comfort

In today’s environmentally-conscious world, proper insulation has become essential for maintaining energy efficiency and ensuring optimal thermal comfort in buildings. When specifically addressing underwall cavity walls and underfloor insulation, SummitBoard shines as an effective and reliable solution.

These high-quality insulation boards are designed to deliver exceptional thermal performance, creating a barrier against heat loss or gain and enhancing overall energy efficiency. By choosing SummitXPS for your underwall and underfloor insulation needs, you can enjoy a host of benefits, including reduced energy consumption, improved indoor comfort, and lower utility bills.

With that said, installing SummitBoard may seem like a daunting task, but fret not! We’re here to guide you through a step-by-step installation process that will make incorporating these boards into your next construction project quick and seamless. By following our detailed instructions, you’ll gain the confidence and know-how to ensure a successful installation. Let’s dive in and discover how to efficiently install cavity wall and underfloor insulation.

SummitBoard Installation Guide

By following these guidelines, you can confidently install SummitBoard for underwall cavity walls and underfloor applications.

Full Fill Cavity Wall Installation

  1. Begin by constructing the walls, starting with the inner leaf, to a height of approximately 1,400mm, including the first two rows of wall ties spaced at 450mm vertically and 600mm horizontally.
  2. Clean the cavity face of the leading leaf to remove any excess dirt.
  3. Place the first two rows of SummitBoard on edge against the leading leaf, ensuring tongue-and-groove installation to keep moisture away from the inner leaf. Cut slits in the insulation to accommodate wall ties, allowing a strip of the wall tie to be visible on the outer edge of the insulation.
  4. Proceed to construct the outer leaf, maintaining a clean residual cavity and securing wall ties.
  5. Trim the SummitBoard on site using a sharp blade to fit snugly around window and door frames.
  6. Apply SummitBoard against the outside foundations, extending from the surface to the depth of the foundation or at least 600mm. This ensures protection against heat transfer through the floor from the adjacent soil.

Partial Fill Cavity Wall Installation

  1. In areas where the insulation cavity also acts as a moisture barrier, maintain a residual cavity of at least 20mm width, plus the thickness of the insulation (typically between 50 and 110mm).
  2. Follow the same steps as the full-fill cavity wall installation, ensuring proper placement and secure jointing of the SummitBoard.

Underfloor Installation Guidelines

  1. Prepare the soil foundation and treat it with a weed killer.
  2. Lay a damp-proof membrane (DPC) as the first layer of brickwork to act as a moisture barrier.
  3. Clean the surface and place SummitBoard panels with the tongue-and-groove edge profile to ensure a secure joint between the boards.
  4. Pour a reinforced concrete slab above the SummitBoard, following the specifications provided by a structural engineer. Ensure proper spacing of reinforcing above the boards to prevent board floatation during slab pouring.

Choose SummitXPS for your insulation needs and experience the difference in performance and quality

With its customisability, wide range of standard thicknesses, multiple profiles, and application flexibility, SummitBoard provides the perfect combination of convenience and performance. Experience the difference for yourself and see why SummitXPS is the go-to choice for construction professionals who prioritise performance, quality, and customer satisfaction.